9:00 am - Coffee

9:30 - Welcome & Introduction - Scott Pace, Director of the Space Policy Institute, George Washington University

9:40 - “The Connectivity Challenge” - Michael Potter, Geeks Without Frontiers

9:45 - Col. B. Alvin Drew, NASA Astronaut, former White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

10:00-11:30 - Village Connectivity - Sustainable Internet to Villages

Moderator : Chris Stott, Founder ManSat
➢ Mogens Birk, VP, Partnerships & Alliances at Bluetown, Denmark
➢ Suzanne Ma lloy, VP, Regulatory Affairs, O3B
➢ John Garrity, Senior Connectivity Advisor, USAID
➢ Robert Pepper, Global Connectivity and Technology Policy, Facebook

11:30-11.45 Coffee Break

11:45-1:00 Satellite “Open Skies” - Accelerating Village Connectivity

Moderator: Del Smith, Senior Space Business Counsel at Dentons
➢ Jennifer Manner, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, EchoStar
➢ Petra Vorwig , Senior Legal & Regulatory Counsel , SES
➢ Gonzalo de Dios, Associate General Counsel, Intelsat
➢ Laureen R. Cook, Principal TMT Advisor IFC, World Bank

1:00-2:00  Lunch  “Connectivity!” Suhas Subramanyam, Policy Advisor at The White House

2:00-3:30 - VillageConnect - “Dig Once!” & Fiber to the Village

Moderator: M. Aya Kiy, Geeks Without Frontiers

Keynote: “Dig Once - International Model Law” John Morris, Geeks Without Frontiers & Author of Model Dig Once Legislation
➢ Manu Bhardwaj, Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment
➢ Samia Melhem, Lead ICT policy officer, World Bank
➢ Hibah Kamal-Grayson, Senior Analyst, International Public Policy, Google
➢ Niels Zibrandtsen, Founder of Global Connect, Internet Infrastructure company - Denmark

3:30-4:00 Concluding Remarks and Call to Action

Organized in Conjunction with the George Washington University Space Policy Institute


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